Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Coverage

Live Oaks Wellness completely understands that the costs of rehab can prevent people from seeking treatment, even when they want it. Fortunately, there are several ways to cover the costs of rehab in San Francisco at our treatment facility. One such option is with your Blue Cross Blue Shield healing insurance coverage. 

Our caring and compassionate team offers comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab programs in the San Francisco Bay area. We personalize and customize our treatment and care plans to suit the specific needs, objectives, and goals of our clients. We also help our clients maximize their Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage benefits.  

What Is Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield?

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield is part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) network. Anthem is an independent licensee of BCBS. They provide BCBS health insurance coverage for individuals and families in California. Anthem also offers group plans for employers who provide employer-sponsored insurance coverage. 

What Type of Rehab Coverage Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Offer?

The type of rehab coverage offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield will depend on your specific policy. Most plans do provide some level of coverage. However, the extent of the coverage will vary. There can also be deductibles that must be met before reimbursement for treatment begins. Some plans will require co-pays, which are your out-of-pocket costs.

In addition, depending on your plan, you may be limited to specific rehab facilities. For example, HMO plans will list specific facilities that are considered in-network. If you choose not to use one of these, then your treatment will not be covered.

On the other hand, if you have a PPO, then you have a wider range of in-network and out-of-network treatment facilities to choose from. BCBS PPO plans will also pay a portion of the treatment if you choose an out-of-network treatment facility. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a variety of different plans. For family and individual plans, these are broken down into different tiers as follows:

  • Bronze: Bronze plans have low premiums but higher deductibles. They usually cover up to 60% of rehab treatment costs.
  • Silver: Silver plans have lower deductibles but somewhat higher premiums than bronze plans. They normally cover up to 70% of rehab costs.
  • Gold: Gold plans offer low deductibles but much higher premiums, and they cover up to 80% of rehab costs. 
  • Platinum: Platinum is the highest tier with the lowest or no deductible but has the highest premiums. However, they often cover up to 90% of rehab treatment costs. 

The rehab coverage provided on employer group plans will vary on the specifics of the group policy. 

How Long Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Rehab For?

The duration of coverage by BCBS for rehab will also vary based on your particular plan and benefits. The coverage is also directly related to the type of rehab treatment program. For example, most residential rehab programs can require a minimum 30-day stay but can last up to 90 days. These programs can also include medically supervised detox treatment. 

Generally, Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage will cover rehab for the duration of the treatment program. In our example, that could potentially be up to 90 days of coverage. However, based on the specific plan, rehab may only be covered for the initial 30 days, with a review of progress before approving the next 30 days of treatment. 

Another thing to remember is that once treatment is completed, BCBS will also cover part or all of the costs of aftercare support and related therapies.  

How Do I Check My Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Coverage?

There are a few different options for checking your Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab coverage, as follows:

  • Call BCBS: There will be a phone number on the back of your insurance card. You can call and speak directly to a representative to determine your rehab coverage.
  • Online: Visit the website associated with your BCBS coverage and log into your account. There will be an option to review your coverage details and documentation, showing what type of rehab coverage you have.
  • Human Resources Specialist: If you have an employer-sponsored BCBS plan, you can speak to an HR specialist at your employer who is familiar with the plan and its coverage benefits. 
  • Call Live Oaks Wellness: Our admissions and intake specialists would be happy to assist you in reviewing your BCBS rehab coverage. We work with you and your plan to help you maximize your benefits while obtaining personalized rehab treatment. 

Find Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Coverage Near San Francisco Today

When you are ready to get help for your alcohol or substance use addiction, Live Oaks Wellness near San Francisco is here to help. We accept BCBS insurance coverage, as we do other health insurance plans. Our caring and supportive team is here to help you take the initial steps on your path to recovery. Find out what your BCBS rehab coverage benefits are by contacting us today. 

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